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If you have having trouble with your school work?

follow these steps:

  1. Email your teacher (select “contact us” on the top of the website for a full list of staff emails)
  2. Ask them for help using the ‘posts’ tab on your class in Teams
  3. Contact so the office can put you in contact with the teacher

if you have forgotten what your hwb email is please email:

If you have any technical problems – Log a job via the Ceredigion IT Service Desk – using the helpdesk link below or email (don’t forget to add contact information and the name of the school in the email / form so the service desk can assign the issue to the most appropriate technician.



Technical Support Guides from Bro Hyddgen ICT Team





                             ICT News


How to tackle Teams!

Some top tips of how to get the best possible lesson online  Thank you to Mr Ellis for preparing these! 

Using Xbox or PlayStation to Access Hwb

Defnyddio Xbox neu PlayStation i gael mynediad i Hwb Mae un o'n dysgwyr (HWB), William yn Ysgol Gyfun Birchgrove yn Abertawe, wedi creu'r canllaw canlynol ar gyfer defnyddio consol gemau i gael mynediad at geisiadau ac adnoddau ar Hwb.   Defnyddio Xbox neu...

Devices to be provided to digitally excluded learners

Devices to be provided to digitally excluded learners Learners in Powys who do not have access to an internet-connected device at home will be provided with one during the coronavirus pandemic, the county council has said. Powys County Council has worked with schools...

IMPORTANT! ICT Equipment in the Home Audit

Powys County Council has asked the school to conduct a survey of the situation of ICT hardware at home with the aim of where possible, helping families with ICT hardware to support learning at home. If you could fill out the below survey, we can pass this information...

Overview of e-learning systems for staff

Drosolwg o systemau e-ddysgu i staff / Overview of e-learning systems for staff [video poster="" width="960" height="540"...

Hwb and J2e Information For Parents

Links: (Introduction to Hwb log in and j2e) 2. (j2e- languages) 3. (Uploading to j2e)