Ysgol Bro Hyddgen Weather Station


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With the current bad weather why not have a look at our weather station – you can see the windspeed, how much rainfall and using the data collected from other weather stations in the Biosphere you can see what the system predicts the weather will be (sometimes its more accurate than the BBC!).


  1. WeatherLink Summery – This gives you the data right now in values (great for secondary pupils) –
  2. Weather Underground –  This gives you all the historical data (you can download the weather data as far back as 2012!)
  3. Weather Underground Weather forecast –  Using our data and the data from other weather station you can see what the future weather will be. It also uses radar technology so you can see the clouds approaching the school (just incase you need to check if you need a umbrella). –
  4. WeatherCloud –  This shows the live weatherdata in a graphical format (great for primary campus and year 7-8 learners). 



The school is very fortunate to have its own weather station. This was funded using the COBWEB project in 2012-2015. Since its installation in 2014 we have been embedding its logging capabilities into our lessons including science, ICT and geography throughout the school. This valuable equipment gives our pupils real life opportunities to use scientific and accurate logging tools for their research and learning.