Primary School Council

In meetings of the School Council held during the past term, the following were agreed:

To link the Head Teacher’s Award to the 4 Purposes of the Curriculum:

Ambitious Capable Learners

Enterprising, creative contributors

Ethical, informed citizens

Healthy, confident individuals

Also, to design stickers to be distributed to the individuals who are nominated

There is no current need for a Ladies’ Only Football Day but the option to designate a Ladies’ Day should remain open

As part of the Welsh Language Charter activities, to play Welsh music during lunchtime

Also to reward 1 pupil from each class at the end of term for making the effort to speak Welsh

To hold a Shwmae Su’mae Day on Friday 19 October

Where to run on the Trac Dal i Fynd after considering the following options:

The Great wall of China

The Rugby World Cup in Japan – council’s decision




Alicante, Spain

Behaviour Policy to be displayed in every