Key Stage 2

Dear Parents/Carers
I am delighted to welcome you as a member of the school community. I trust that your association with the school will be happy, interesting and engaging. I hope that you as parents will play a full part in your child’s education by contributing to the essential partnership between school and home. Take advantage of every opportunity and enjoy every moment!

Haf ap Robert,
Assistant Headteacher



We teach according to the National Curriculum as specified by the Welsh Goverment, and we provide a broad range of experiences that go beyond the narrow subject curriculum. Children are encouraged to move through the levels with confidence.  Religious Education, Health Education, Personal and Social Education are aspects not covered entirely by the National Curriculum, but are taught at the school.  Copies of our Teaching and Learning Policy can be seen at the school. Much of the teaching is done through school thematic work, and the work is planned in such a way as to have as broad and balanced curriculum as possible taught through an Investigative approach.  We are mindful of the need to develop a range of skills as noted in the skills framework which are developed in a cross curricular method. We strive to choose themes that appeal to the children, themes that are relevant and themes that will encourage and stimulate thought, interest and investigation.

We encourage children to move forward through the Key Stages with confidence. Religious Education, Health Education, Personal & Social Education are aspects, not included at present in the National Curriculum but they are taught at school.  These Policies are available at school

The Core Subjects of the National Curriculum are English, Welsh (for the Welsh Medium Class) Mathematics, and Science.