Information and dates  for the start of next term

Dear Parent / Carer,

As we approach the end of term and the end of 2020, we would like to thank you
in what has been an extremely difficult and challenging year.
The last nine months have placed additional stresses on everyone, but
particularly parents and carers to have had to adjust with schools across the
county impacted by the pandemic.
However, the Spring Term will soon be here and it is only right that we inform
you what the plans are for when learners return to their settings after the
Christmas holidays.
Following discussions with headteachers, early years officers and teaching
unions, it has been agreed that Monday 4 and Tuesday 5, January 2021 will be
staff only days to allow schools and settings to prepare for the return of all pupils
on Wednesday, 6 January.
Planning and preparation days will now take place Monday 4 and Tuesday 5
January. These will be staff only days to allow schools and early year settings to
review their risk assessments, processes and systems to ensure they can
welcome learners back safely.
From Wednesday 6 January, all settings will open for learners to return.
We must make it clear that we are still in the grip of this pandemic. Parents
should continue to be on their guard for coronavirus and keep unwell children
away from school and early year settings even if symptoms seem very mild.
The return to school in January needs to be as safe as possible for all of our
learners and our staff. The restrictions that will take effect on Monday 28
December across Wales are designed to make the country safer.
We are urging every family to follow the latest Coronavirus rules so that our
schools can get off to a flying start on Wednesday 6 January 2021 and be as
safe as possible for all.
Finally, we would like to wish everyone a happy and safe Christmas break and
look forward to seeing children and young people back in schools and early year settings in January.

Yours sincerely,
Cllr Phyl Davies
Cabinet Member for Education and Property
Geraint Rees
Strategic Lead for Education
Lynette Lovell
Interim Chief Education Officer