The School Council




Ffion Davies

Ffion Davies

Ysgol Brohyddgen Head Pupil


Since beginning our roles as head pupils, we have had several school council meetings in order to discuss what we can do, as students of the school, to develop, improve and advance our learning and quality of school life. We have discussed many topics; the Powys Youth Forum; starting an Aelwyd yr Urdd for Years 10 and above; raising money for the Air Ambulance charity; discussing the Stonewall project to promote awareness of their work supporting LGBT issues; school uniform; use of mobile phones and we have received a presentation from a member of staff about the Snowdonia National Park Authority and its work. 

We as head pupils shall be planning over the Christmas period, events to be held in the school hall to raise money for the Air ambulance charity, and perhaps charity cake stalls during the year.  We will also be aiming over forthcoming months to raise money for new equipment for the school, such as ICT equipment. 

During this term, we have held Aelwyd evenings in the school and are eager to encourage students from Years 10 and above to be present as they’re a brilliant way for older students in different years to get to know each other and enjoy activities provided by the Urdd.  Also, we are aiming to plan a trip to the ice rink in Aberystwyth as part of one of these sessions as an icebreaker for anyone interested in attending.

Regarding the Stonewall Project, an assembly about the organisation has been presented to the whole school at the beginning of December in order to raise awareness about different aspects of the LGBT community and to make it clear that the school and its staff are completely supportive and always around if any individual has anything they’d like to discuss.

In response to the issue of some students not always wearing the correct uniform, we had a meeting in which we discussed the importance of school uniform and agreed that it is important to wear the correct uniform to ensure we all appear smart and equal in the school.

Finally was the topic of mobile phone use in school: we believe that the school is very generous to allow the use of mobile phones within school grounds as many schools in the area have decided against it. In order for it to remain this way, mobile phones should only be used outside of lessons unless a teacher gives permission to use them for work purposes. This is crucial to enhance our learning and keep the school as a safe, happy place. We appreciate that we’re given guidance about the positive uses of mobile phones which will be beneficial for us later in life.

 Ffion Davies