Ski Trip To Obertauern



The Easter holidays began with 41 pupils and 5 members of staff leaving school at lunch time for a week’s skiing trip to Obertauern, Austria. We travelled by bus to the Port of Dover to catch the Ferry and from Calais made our way through the night to our accommodation. Our previous trip to Zellamsee was a huge success and the excitement and vibe was the same with pupils not getting much sleep on the bus ride over (also something to do with the fact that Ben BG sung the whole way there). On arrival, we went to collect our equipment for the week and settled into our bedrooms. We finished the day with our daily awards ceremony. The award categories included Plonker of the Piste, Most Improved, Best Skier, Biggest Liability (later re-named the Ethan Carter award), Laziest of the Day and Funniest Moment. Pupils were given 4 hours of lesson every day and met as a group on the slopes for an hour’s lunch. With the majority of the party beginners, a lot of patience was needed but in fairness to pupils (and staff) they developed quickly and began to master the mountain. Evening activities ensured we had a full day, which included an Alpine Coaster ride, Swimming, Bowling, Quiz nights, football and Disco. By the end of the week all the pupils had experiences in a rang of skiing environments and a number of different ski lifts and even Slalom racing! Pupils were thoroughly well behaved throughout the week and their sense of humour and personalities made an unforgettable trip. A hug thank you to all pupils for making it a great experience and also to Mr Dafydd Ellis, Miss Sam Roberts, Tom C and Mrs Gwenan Phillips for giving up their time (and holidays) in giving the pupils the opportunities.