Using Data in Ysgol Bro Hyddgen 

Ysgol Bro Hyddgen internally collects and uses information for various purposes which includes:

Contact information with family or carers: ParentPay, Teachers2Parents & Capita Sims

Historical attendance, risk assessment and welfare records  which are used by Powys County Council: Capita Sims, Evlove, Gyrfa Cymru

Internal systems and assessment levels and grades for performance measure and tracking systems; also for the school’s resources booking system:  Capita Room Booking System, ClassDojo, Capita MLS Library, Incerts, Cwmpawd

Results and achievements in the form of qualifications or awards: kept on the school’s  internal data handling systems and distributed to the Welsh Government and Powys County Council as a statutory obligation.

Work that your child creates on the school’s internal servers  and online based document hosting services: J2e, Hwb: Office 365, Office 365; also via the school, Foldr Moodle, (Hwb: Google Apps— with additional permission)

Images and video collection for auditing internal and external standards of teaching and learning.

Essential and emergency medical information about individual children and staff: Evolve, Trent .

Data logging of websites and documents accessed by pupils: school’s internal ICT system

In the public areas of the secondary campus CCTV has been installed for safety and security reasons: Microsystems and NETviewer with footage held locally onsite.

Some data is used for moderating in our local cluster. This is done through web tools provided by the Welsh Government including Hwb+, Microsoft SharePoint O365, J2e etc.

As part of statutory obligations, the school will report back to Welsh Government, Powys County Council and Governors. This information is anonymised when it is necessary to safeguard individuals’ identity.How do we secure data?

In line with our data protection policies the services listed here have been assessed and are compliant with Welsh Government and Powys County Council data protection standards and all current legislation.

This data is stored on our internal servers behind the school and Powys firewalls and on the public sector secure network. All of our information is authenticated against access permissions which is set by the administrating officer. Users are only able to access information which is relevant  to them and their role. The school has extensive electronic equipment; to ensure reliability and dependability of the equipment, suitable offsite backup of all data is made daily.

From time to time the school will work with external organisations and agencies to arrange extra curricular activities, events and visits. The school ensures that all data which is shared externally is necessary, adequate, relevant and not excessive. The school will deploy a data sharing agreement as required.

How will the school delete my child’s data after my child leaves the school?

All information which is no longer valid or necessary will be deleted 3 years after your child leaves the school. Information such as external exam results will be kept in case your child needs a copy of the results after they leave the school.

If at any point you would like to update the information for your child e.g. address etc. you can contact the school office. This can be done throughout the year.

How the school uses images for publications both internally and externally:

The school and educational organisations will in some cases publish some images in newspapers, publications, on the school website, intranet and social media sites. Just to remind you, if you would like to change your preference for your child at any time, please return the completed slip found in the secondary campus contact book or in the case of primary pupils, contact the primary school reception to update your preference .

How can I get more information or let the school know of any information that requires updating?

If you would like more information on how the school stores and processes information on your child or you would like to update any information please get in contact with our school office.