For Halloween

  • We ask everyone to think how they can keep everyone safe this Halloween and not spread Coronavirus.
  • Traditional trick or treating is not allowed. 
  • Halloween parties in either your home or at another venue are not allowed.
  •  Do not to meet anyone indoors that you don’t live with and do not meet up with your friends either indoors or outdoors.
  • Celebrate at home instead of going out and about.

For Bonfire Night

  • There will be no organised public bonfires or firework displays this year.
  • No visitors are allowed into your garden. If a firework display in your garden turns into a party at your house, you are putting everyone at risk of catching the Coronavirus.   The adults who look after you will be breaking the law.
  • REMEMBER it is illegal to buy Fireworks under the age of 18 – your parents/carers could be prosecuted.
  • You shouldn’t set off fireworks in a park or other public open space.  All local authorities in Wales have banned this.
  • Setting off fireworks in the street is anti-social.  It can be a fire risk and is against the law. 


We kindly ask people to act responsibly and to keep each other safe. Staying safe and not adding extra pressure to the emergency services will be important.

In addition to the above the School Community Police Officer team have created two vlogs to support the above messaging. These vlogs are suitable for use in educational establishments. Please follow the link below to view;

Thank you for your cooperation.