The Geography Department


Italy 2020

38 pupils from years 9, 10 and 11 will be visiting Italy in July. We will be visiting famous locations like Pompeii, Sorrento, Capri and will hike to the summit of the Vesuvius volcano! We ask everyone who is coming on this visit to make sure they have a valid passport and to follow the payment plan on ParentPay.


Welcoming Miss Megan Husband to the Geography Department 

 We welcomed Miss Husband, a student form Aberystwyth University, to the Geography department this term. Below is a summary of her experience at Bro Hyddgen.

 “I’m Megan Husband. For the past 10 weeks I’ve had the pleasure of teaching at Ysgol Bro Hyddgen as part of the PGCE course to become a Geography teacher. I’d like to thank all the pupils and staff for the warm welcome. I’ve had the opportunity to teach Geography and Second Language Welsh classes. These experiences have allowed me to teach and share my passion for the world, as well as allowing me to be creative. I’ve expanded my experience of teaching as well as the students experience of learning. I feel that during my time here, I have come to know the students well, and have thoroughly enjoyed teaching the lessons. I think it would be fair to say that I’ve learnt just as much, if not more, than the pupils! My experience here has been great. I was lucky to have amazing mentors who were always happy to help me in any way. Teaching at Bro Hyddgen has shown me a community spirit I haven’t experienced before. I think it will be difficult to top the love and passion the pupils and teachers have for their school and the area. I will truly miss teaching at Bro Hyddgen, and I am proud to say that my first teaching experience was here.”

We would like to thank Miss Husband for her contribution to the Geography department and to the school this term and wish her well with the rest of the PGCE course. 

 A presentation by Dr Hywel Griffiths from Aberystwyth University

GCSE pupils welcomed Dr Hywel Griffiths to the Geography department on Thursday 21st November. Dr Hywel Griffiths is a lecturer at Aberystwyth University who specializes in fluvial processes and floods. Here are some of the pupils’ comments following his presentation. 

 “Dr Hywel Griffiths a Geography lecturer came to talk to us about floods. He referred to different floods around the world and explained how they happen. In his presentation, he showed us recent photos of flooding in Aberystwyth. There has been a lot of development on the floodplain in Aberystwyth. McDonalds, Next, Morrisons and the Welsh Government offices have all been built on a floodplain that is likely to suffer a one in a hundred year flood event! He also showed us a picture of large boulders that had been moved by a dam collapse in 1925 at Dolgarrog near Llanrwst. 70 billion gallons of water and debris rushed down into the Conwy Valley killing ten adults and six children. The presentation was fun and interesting. I enjoyed learning about the floods and why they happen and how people respond.” 

 By Owain Foster

 “We had the pleasure of welcoming Dr Hywel Griffiths to the school to learn about what floods are and how and why they happen. During the presentation, I was shocked to hear some of the facts he presented, for example, that floods has reduced in size over the last 250 years in Britain. That prompted me to think about how big the floods of the past would have been. Also, it was interesting to learn about the different causes of floods, some natural causes such as intense rainfall, storms and snowmelt and human causes such as dam failures.I was impressed by the presentation; it has encouraged me to consider the impact that floods have on our society such as the Aberystwyth and Talybont floods in 2013 and more recently the Somerset floods in 2013/14 and the flooding in Doncaster this year.”

 By Hanna Penrhyn Jones